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Ashampoo PowerUp XP 2.0

PowerUp XP is a powerful utility to obtain the best from the Windows XP OS
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Ashampoo PowerUp XP is a powerful utility to obtain the best configuration for the Windows XP Operating System installed into the user PC.
The application directly allows the user to access to some regular and normally hidden Windows XP parameters and settings, in order to get the maximum performance of the XP OS.

The program will guide the user through all the parameters setting in a quick manner, even the more normal ones are more quickly accessed.

Windows XP security features have been discussed very often, and the application will give the user total control on these adjustments. It shows all the relevant security features and allows users to turn them on or off.

Settings there are supplied and supported by this application aren't normally available for Windows users, unless by editing the Windows Registry, which is not a great idea. The application will give to the user all the possible tools for tuning the Windows XP OS, as if user were a very expert operator.

The program enables user to adjust many useful settings for obtaining better operation of Microsoft Office programs and components.

Once the configutarion is finished, user can save it in profiles that are usable in later occasions. 'Profile' archives or files are supported by the application, so user can save the complete Windows XP configuration and load it back whenever is necessary with just a mouse click. So, user can set restrictions to people or tasks and save the apropriated Windows configuration for different types of operations.

The application includes three separated programs: the main application, for controlling and editing Windows functions, the Functon Editor, which can edit previous functions from the function database and, also, add new user functions to it, and, finally, the Language Editor.

The Function Editor makes the application more powerful for expert users, allowing them to create customized functions for tuning Windows XP OS. Those can be activated or not, the same manner as the supplied by PowerUp XP and include them in the application profiles to save.

The Language Editor allows user to edit and manage all the texts that are shown in the application, interface, pop-up, dialogs, etc. texts. Those texts can be translated to user proper language, or just be modify to meet user dialog preferences.

There is an small extra tool, the IP Spam Blocker, that enables user to abandon the message service that is normally activated by Windows at the start up.

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